Smart Drugs And Nootropics Use Are On The Rise But Do They Work?

Smart Drugs And Nootropics Use Are On The Rise But Do They Work?

Humans have always had a bunch of hard-wired desires built into us to become faster, stronger, better looking, and smarter, sometimes all at once. There have been competitions for centuries showcasing athletic abilities long before the Olympics in Greece, plus beauty pageants, and thousands of other events throughout time. Only lately, there has been an increased desire to be smarter, make more money, invent more products, and get better test scores at school as well. There have even been several movies and a couple of TV shows where the star takes a secret formula and can then solve an impossible puzzle, riddles, and mysteries in mere minutes. The drugs that can assist in all of this smartness are called nootropics, but just like anything else, there are factors to consider before you start taking them.

There Are Different Kinds Of Nootropics That Have Different Effects

Just like with any other new fad, there are always going to be scams and fraudulent products that try to cash in while the trend is spiking. Smart drugs are no exception and there is a little validity to some of the fraudulent drug’s ability to increase brain power. The most common ingredient of many of the cheap imitation smart drugs is the common stimulant, caffeine, which is easily found in coffee, colas, and diet pills.

There are also a large number of other stimulants that help to keep people awake, alert, and do offer some help when taking tests. The brain does function better on stimulants, the real question is, do you want to buy a strong cup of coffee or take an overpriced capsule instead? That’s why you need to do some research and choose a smart drug that does exactly what you want and nothing more.

In fact, some nootropics will combine several types of stimulants, along with other types of enhancers that will give an even better overall performance. So, with some good online research, you can find the best combination of types of nootropics that will work best for you and your particular situation. Besides caffeine, the other most common stimulants are Adderal, Modafinil, and Ritalin. They do improve alertness and focus as well as suppressing appetite, increasing heart rate, and keeping you up all night.

There Are Also Smart Drugs That Aren’t Stimulants

One group of non-stimulant smart drugs are called racetams and they include Aniracetam, Piracetam, and Oxiracetam as well as several others. They give more of a cognitive enhancement instead of making your heart rate jump. People notice an increase in the ability to memorize facts and an increase in confidence levels too. There are no drugs or supplements that work anything at all like the TV shows and movies that people have watched, however. The best way to help decide which of the smart drugs to take is to visit several online forums where users discuss their experiences. There you’ll find real people that aren’t selling anything but are willing to explain how much of what kind of supplements they took and exactly what happened.

As with anything that you take, you should never overindulge, always do plenty of research, and discuss everything with a medical professional before starting. These smart drugs are being used in many different combinations and doses which can be dangerous at some level so caution is always advised. To learn more you can read reviews here.